Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Mossy . . .

Mossy . .  the little helper
Mossy is a "one of a kind" in that this luscious, soft & dense mohair is no longer made.
It is hand dyed also, a taupe shade with a hint of moss, hence his name, "Mossy".
Hand shaded details give depth of character.
Mossy is created with a wire armature in his legs so that he can stand sturdily on his own.
He is about 9" tall to ear tips.
Mossy's basket is hand crocheted from hemp string, then stained.
It holds a carrot pin keep filled with lambs wool, he is such a good little helper to hold
your pins and needles!   Off the side are 2 very teeny
woolen carrots and he holds another larger one as well.

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